OTHER BROTHER is what we call the collective voice that emerges from collaboration. When we work together we make something that we couldn’t have made separately. In our own way we echo Koffka’s words,

“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.”

-Kurt Koffka



Isaiah Powers

Isaiah is a problem solver. And because he firmly believes that no two stories are the same, he refuses to tell them the same way. How’d he get to this realization? After several years behind a video camera, he knew some stories required more than just that camera to tell them — so he found animation.

Isaiah brings a background in video and film production including high-end motion graphics and post-production work to the studio. His unique set of skills allows him to spend most of his time pushing visual limits and passionately breaking the “ traditional” rules whenever the work calls for it. 

When he’s not working on Other Brother pieces, he enjoys spending time with his wife and baby girl, and experimenting with fermented foods like sourdough bread, kraut and yogurt. 


Stuart Bury

Stuart is an award-winning director who believes the most powerful stories are told visually. Like many creative types, he spent his childhood drawing, painting and sculpting. But it wasn’t until he serendipitously stumbled into animation that he knew he’d found his calling. 

From character designs to production schedules, Stuart sees every act as a creative one and organizes his creative belief system around the idea that in order to break the rules, you must master them first. Using his diverse creative disciplines, he works with clients and collaborators to break the rules in all the right ways — marrying medium and message, and maximizing impact. 

When he’s not working in the studio or on studio projects, he’s spending time with his family and friends and filling up his sketchbook.